China From Above

China From Above

Series 1 - Episode 1



Epic is a wildly overused word, but there’s no denying the grand scale of China’s landscape, population and many engineering feats. Though you might get sick of hearing “the world’s biggest”, “the world’s longest” and “the world’s most powerful” while watching this documentary double bill on China’s natural wonders, the great feats of its ancient civilisations and how the country is now coping with unprecedented levels of modernisation and urbanisation.

But stay for the stunning aerial shots of the Great Wall, the towering Buddha of Leshan and the vertiginous skyscrapers of Shanghai. Strangely the massive, controversial Three Gorges Dam doesn’t feature. China, the world’s most powerful censor?


Part one of two. An aerial journey across China, examining the varied landscapes and cultures, and how they have endured over thousands of years.