Black Work

Series 1 - Episode 3

Tuesday 2am - 2:50am ITV Encore
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Sat 30 Sep, 2:50am - 3:45am ITV Encore


Sheridan Smith does so much crying in Black Work, she must be exhausted. But as wronged wife Jo Gillespie she has much to be miserable about as her murdered undercover-cop husband’s secrets keep running at her like angry poodles.

After the last episode’s revelations Jo is adrift and unsure who to trust. Her police colleagues, supposedly her friends, don’t make things easy for her by behaving in ways likely to draw suspicion. Ryan’s handler in particular (Phil Davis) does far too much lurking (this is after he told her last week: “Be careful, this is a horrible world, Jo”). Even the Chief Constable (the mighty Geraldine James) is tactless and forbidding.

But you can bet Jo will discover the truth.


Jo is left reeling as the secrets she has uncovered prove devastating for her family. She decides to abandon her investigation into Ryan's death out of fear she is endangering her children. However, when another body is discovered, she realises that her husband's murderer is still at large, and it is up to her to see that he is brought to justice. But as she takes up the case again, she does not realise that the killer could be terrifyingly close to home. Conclusion of the three-part crime drama, starring Sheridan Smith.

Cast & Crew

PC Jo Gillespie Sheridan Smith
Tom Piper Phil Davis
Barbara Sharon Duce
CC Carolyn Jarecki Geraldine James
Jack Matthew McNulty
DCS Hepburn Douglas Henshall
Hal Oliver Woollford
Carla Lisa Dillon
Melly Honor Kneafsey
DS Lee Miekel Andrew Knott
Zoe Nash Vinette Robinson
PC Vicki Stanon Carla Henry
DCI Jahan Kapoor Ace Bhatti
Jocelyn Hepburn Tara Moran
DC Jared Ansell Andrew Gower
Director Michael Samuels
Executive Producer Matt Charman
Executive Producer Rebecca Keane
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Tom Mullens
Writer Matt Charman
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