The Saboteurs

Series 1 - Episode 3



The name of Norway’s collaborationist leader Vidkun Quisling is an epithet of shame. Yet this studied drama is more interested in the moral dilemmas of living under occupation, embodied by the problems of heavy water plant director Henriksen. Somebody’s been contaminating the supply and the Gestapo want him to name names. Should he give up one or two of his workforce for an easy life in his sumptuous mansion?

Elsewhere, a flicker of unease passes Werner Heisenberg’s face as he’s applauded at a Nazi dinner. And now the Germans are aware of the sabotage mission, the Norwegian commandos are still stuck in the mountains, reduced to eating moss.


The British mission fails when both planes crash-land and the surviving soldiers are killed by the Nazis. The Americans insist on bombing the factory, but Leif Tronstad feels this will be futile and persuades the Allies to send in a team of Norwegians, selecting five men for this `Gunnerside' mission to bomb Vemork. Drama, starring Espen Klouman Hoine and Christoph Bach. In Norwegian, German, Danish and English.

Cast & Crew

Leif Tronstad Espen Klouman Hoiner
Werner Heisenberg Christoph Bach
Elisabeth Heisenberg Peri Baumeister
Arne Kjelstrup Torstein Bjorklund
Kurt Diebner Andreas Dohler
Jomar Brun Espen Reboli Bjerke
Rolf Danielsen Elg Elgesem
Hans Storhaug Endre Ellefsen
Birger Stromsheim Ole Christoffer Ertvaag
Director Per-Olav Sorensen
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