Brits Behind Bars

Brits Behind Bars
Mon 2 Oct 10pm - 11pm 3e
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Thu 5 Oct, 1:15am - 2:10am 3e


Be careful if you go abroad – you could end up in jail! At least, you could if you’re the victim of extraordinary circumstance, like the poor souls in this bewildering documentary.

It flits between Nicole, who relocated to the Dominican Republic, but was then imprisoned for fatally running her husband over in what she insists was an accident; Dan, who’s fighting extradition to the Czech Republic on the grounds that he didn’t know his girlfriend had sewn drugs into his suitcase; and Chris, who’s been in a Florida prison since the 1980s but maintains he didn’t shoot two business associates. Their protestations are all convincing.

Morbid curiosity is the main draw, although every story has a surprising or confusing twist.


With thousands of UK citizens currently held in jails around the world, this documentary focuses on the moving cases of British prisoners. Those who break the law overseas face potentially lethal consequences - nightmare `living hell' conditions, disease, abuse, terror, and sometimes even death. Meeting families and lawyers forging major battles to get fair treatment for their loved ones, the programme reveals trials that have gone catastrophically wrong, dubious evidence, and one man who has been struggling to prove his innocence for almost three decades.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Paul McGann
Director Duncan Staff
Executive Producer Paul Hamann
Producer Duncan Staff