Storyville: Circus Elephant Rampage

Storyville: Circus Elephant Rampage



On the wild, hazy day that God created elephants, He probably didn't intend them to live their lives in cages, trained to balance on balls. In 1994, a circus in Honolulu, Hawaii, found this out to horrific consequence when their star performer, the 8,000lb Tyke, snapped. Kicking him around like a rag doll, the animal killed her trainer in front of thousands; only to then escape, rampaging through the streets for 30 minutes. It eventually took 86 shots to put her down.

In this moving documentary, Storyville goes back to meet the people who knew Tyke and were affected by her tragic end, raising questions not only of our treatment of other species, but how little we understand them.


The story of Tyke, an elephant who went on the rampage in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1994, killing her trainer in front of thousands of spectators, before dying in a hail of gunfire. Her break for freedom, filmed from start to end, traumatised a city and ignited a global battle over the use of animal in the entertainment industry. This film goes back to meet the trainers and handlers who knew her and witnesses to the rampage.

Cast & Crew

Director Stefan Moore
Director Susan Lambert
Producer Stefan Moore
Producer Susan Lambert