Black Work

Series 1 - Episode 1

Tuesday 12:05am - 1:05am ITV Encore
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Sat 30 Sep, 1:05am - 2am ITV Encore


Police officer Jo Gillespie’s husband Ryan, also a cop, is shot dead in a derelict warehouse in the ruined backwater of a Yorkshire city that looks very much like Leeds. But Jo (Sheridan Smith) is ever so gently but quite firmly urged by Ryan’s boss (Douglas Henshall) to say nothing, not even to her children.

In fact the murder is kept so deeply under wraps that only a tiny handful of Ryan’s colleagues knows about it. In the first part of this sharp thriller from Matt Charman (Our Zoo), Jo is forced to question everything she thinks she knew about her husband and his work.

He was under cover (the “black work” of the title) and was about to unmask a gang of gun runners. But there are suspicions about Ryan’s behaviour towards the end of his life and Jo has a mercilessly bright light thrown on her own secrets.


Detective drama, starring Sheridan Smith as a police officer whose husband is murdered. She is expected to leave the investigation to her colleagues, but finds herself losing trust in them and goes behind their backs to track down the killer herself. However, her investigation places her and her children in jeopardy. Also starring Sharon Duce, Geraldine James and Douglas Henshall.

Cast & Crew

PC Jo Gillespie Sheridan Smith
Barbara Sharon Duce
CC Carolyn Jarecki Geraldine James
DCS Hepburn Douglas Henshall
DC Jack Clark Matthew McNulty
Ryan Gillespie Kenny Doughty
Melly Honor Kneafsey
Hal Oliver Woollford
DS Lee Miekel Andrew Knott
DCI Jahan Kapoor Ace Bhatti
PC Vicki Stanton Carla Henry
Carla Lisa Dillon
DC Jared Ansell Andrew Gower
Michael Parry Ben-Ryan Davies
Director Michael Samuels
Executive Producer Matt Charman
Executive Producer Rebecca Keane
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Tom Mullens
Writer Matt Charman
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