Antiques Roadshow

Tredegar House 2

Series 37 - Episode 26 Tredegar House 2



“You’ve given me provenance – provenance always has great value,” Paul Atterbury tells one visitor to the Roadshow at Tredegar House in Newport, having heard a wonderful tale about the Zulu shield and spear bought home by a former English rugby player.

Even more fascinating is the romantic story behind an exquisite diamond tiara, which gets a gasp from the crowd when it’s valued, and the hidden meaning behind a bee-shaped ceramic and diamond brooch that a loving husband gave to his wife in the 1920s. Slipped in among all the serious evaluations, it’s hilarious to see off-the-cuff remarks and asides from the experts. “Look interested!” Eric Knowles instructs the onlookers.


Fiona Bruce and the team return to Tredegar House near Newport. Among the finds are a locket that was a gift from Queen Victoria, a device used for creating tattoos, a classic car, a cigar cutter commemorating the opening of the Newport transporter bridge, 19th-century advertisements for public executions, a versatile tiara and a miniature font with a sad history.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Fiona Bruce
Producer Michele Burgess
Series Editor Simon Shaw
Series Editor Robert Murphy