Miracle Man

Series 1 - Episode 18 Miracle Man



Mulder and Scully investigate the deaths of people supposedly cured of their illnesses by a young faith healer. The local sheriff is convinced the healer is somehow responsible, while the boy himself fears his abilities have been corrupted to kill rather than save. A series of strange events seems to suggest the healer's powers are real, but a more natural explanation for the deaths presents itself.

Cast & Crew

Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Dana Scully Gillian Anderson
Samuel Hartley Scott Bairstow
Sheriff Maurice Daniels RD Call
Rev Calvin Hartley George Gerdes
Leonard Vance Dennis Lipscomb
Judge Hamish Purdy Walter Marsh
Margaret Hohman Chilton Crane
Mr Hohman Campbell Lane
Lillian Daniels Iris Quinn
Beatrice Salinger Lisa Ann Beley
Deputy Dennis Tyson Roger Haskett
Young Samuel Alex Doduk
Samantha Mulder Brianne Benitz
Director Michael Lange
Writer Chris Carter
Writer Howard Gordon
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