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Series 1 - Episode 2



On the face of it, this eerie fable is about robots that trigger problems by becoming too human. But in fact, that’s a cover for a subtler satire on how humans behave robotically if we’re not careful.

When ageing scientist George (William Hurt) finds himself bullied by his stern NHS robot (Rebecca Front), it feels like a dig at the way health services try to nanny us. But in the stories of mum Laura (Katherine Parkinson) and police officer Pete (Neil Maskell) there’s a wider point, as they become frustrated by their own uselessness compared to their flawless domestic helpers – in Pete’s case there’s almost the sense he has been cuckolded.


George's worst fears are realised when he is assigned a new synth whom he cannot stand. Laura feels threatened by Anita's presence in her home, and Fred is held captive in Hobb's facility, which leads him to fear for the future of the human race. Meanwhile, Niska is forced to endure horrific degradations while undercover in the synth brothel, and Leo's search for information leads him down a dangerous path.

Cast & Crew

Dr George Millican William Hurt
Vera Rebecca Front
Laura Hawkins Katherine Parkinson
Anita Gemma Chan
Fred Sope Dirisu
Hobb Danny Webb
DI Karen Voss Ruth Bradley
DS Pete Drummond Neil Maskell
Niska Emily Berrington
Leo Colin Morgan
Silas Capek Paul Kaye
Joe Hawkins Tom Goodman-Hill
Jill Drummond Jill Halfpenny
Toby Hawkins Theo Stevenson
Mattie Hawkins Lucy Carless
Sophie Hawkins Pixie Davies
Max Ivanno Jeremiah
Clark Mark Flitton
Odi Will Tudor
Lindsey Kiwanuka Ellen Thomas
Harun Khan Manpreet Bachu
Simon Jack Derges
Colin Stephen Pacey
School synth Tom Bell
Senior technician Tor Clark
Head teacher Beverley Hills
Brothel madam Caroline Lee Johnson
Director Sam Donovan
Executive Producer Lars Lundstrom
Executive Producer Henrik Widman
Executive Producer Derek Wax
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Writer Sam Vincent
Writer Jonathan Brackley
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