The 90s: Ten Years That Changed the World

The 90s: Ten Years That Changed the World


With typical understatement C4 announces that the 90s was the “most culturally significant decade of our generation”. Oh really? And whose generation would that be, exactly? Anyway, I’m sure the 1960s and possibly even the 1970s might have something to say about this sweeping statement.

Of course, the 90s were “culturally significant” because of the internet explosion, which is doubtless all that matters to anyone under the age of 30. This 90-minute documentary makes a big deal of the now tarnished Cool Britannia label, when Blur and Oasis duked it out for chart supremacy. Apparently, too, “youth culture exploded into the mainstream”. Contributors include Jarvis Cocker, Irvine Welsh and Alex James.


Kathy Burke narrates this look back at the 1990s revolution in British music, fashion, film, sport, art and media, as told by the people who made it happen. Featuring a music soundtrack from the time, the programme charts the rise of Britpop, the impact on the art world of Damien Hirst, and how David Beckham helped to make football fashionable again. Contributors include Jarvis Cocker, the Happy Mondays, Irvine Welsh, Keith Allen and Jo Whiley.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Kathy Burke
Director Nico Wasserman
Executive Producer Jeremy Lee