Britain's Busiest Airport - Heathrow: Turnaround

Britain's Busiest Airport - Heathrow: Turnaround

Series 1



With more than 70 million passengers passing through Heathrow every year and around 1,400 flights taking off or landing there daily, even a routine day is busy for the airport’s staff. So when the Queen arrives to open the new Terminal Two building (replacing the building she opened back in 1955), or Kurdish and Turkish anti-Islamic State protesters occupy the airport, it ramps up the pressure considerably for everyone.

Meanwhile, after flights have finally stopped for the night and in heavy rain, the maintenance crew struggles to finish resurfacing the runway before it all kicks off again in the early hours.


The documentary going behind the scenes of the airport reveals how staff manage to get hundreds of planes in the air at the correct time. Cameras follow cleaners, ground staff and members of the flight crew as they race to get the world's biggest passenger plane ready for departure. Plus, a royal guest pays a flying visit, and an airport manager tries to defuse a major international protest.

Cast & Crew

Director Kathryn Tregidgo
Executive Producer Tim Wardle
Series Producer Tom Pearson