Series 8 - Episode 15 Deadalive



Part two of two. Alien abductee Billy Miles returns from the dead after three months, giving Scully hope that Mulder can also be resurrected. After the body is exhumed, he is found to be just barely alive. Krycek offers to provide Skinner with the means to restore Mulder, but his help comes at a terrible price - he demands that Scully's baby must not be allowed to be born.

Cast & Crew

Dana Scully Gillian Anderson
John Doggett Robert Patrick
Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Walter Skinner Mitch Pileggi
Alex Krycek Nicholas Lea
Melvin Frohike Tom Braidwood
John Fitzgerald Byers Bruce Harwood
Ringo Langly Dean Haglund
Billy Miles Zachary Ansley
Alvin Kersh James Pickens Jr
Absalom Judson Earney Scott
Director Tony Wharmby
Writer Chris Carter
Writer Frank Spotnitz
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