Series 1 - Episode 1



So Jordskott is Swedish, it’s a detective drama/crime thriller, yet it’s not on BBC4, the home of Nordic bleakness, it’s on ITV Encore. But don’t let that put you off, it’s not bad – clichéd, but still, not bad.

Eva is a recklessly tough cop with demons (see, clichéd?) and a Dreadful Thing In Her Past (her daughter vanished when she was a little girl, apparently off the face of the earth).

After her father’s death Eva is called home to the small town where she grew up and from where her daughter, Josefine, disappeared. Eva doesn’t plan to stay long because the memories are too raw but a child goes missing and, of course, Eva is compelled to stay.

Thanks to almost all the action taking place in dense pine forests, there’s a nicely oppressive atmosphere and an enveloping creepiness.


Nordic mystery thriller set deep in the ancient forests of Sweden. Seven years after her daughter Josefine went missing, police investigator Eva Thornblad is still trying to come to terms with her loss. At the time it was widely assumed Josefine drowned, but Eva is convinced someone took her child. When a young boy vanishes in the Silverhojd forest, Eva takes part in the search and soon finds herself becoming convinced that the same person is responsible for both disappearances. Moa Gammel stars.

Cast & Crew

Eva Thornblad Moa Gammel
Goran Wass Goran Ragnerstam
Tom Aronsson Richard Forsgren
Gustaf Boren Peter Andersson
Gerda Gunnarsson Lia Boysen
Martina Sigvardsson Ann Petren
Olof Gran Hans Mosesson
Harry Storm Ville Virtanen
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