Series 1 - Episode 7



The first hour of this final instalment is one of the most difficult you’ll ever sit through, with its terrible, remorseless, brutal and extraordinary battle scenes, the most staggering and visceral I’ve ever seen on television.

We are spared nothing as the ragged Danish army is pummelled during the Battle of Als without mercy by their Prussian and German opponents. Wave after wave of missiles rend the sky and tear the soldiers to pieces; survivors are bayonetted or shot.

You’ll be drained. Not even an occasionally clumsy “war is bad” hope-and-happiness message in the very last episode can cushion what’s gone before as the war ends ignominiously for Denmark and its few remaining soldiers return home.


The Danish soldiers are totally outnumbered as the Prussian and Austrian forces prepare to bombard the defences at Dybbol. Johan tries to warn the complacent commanders of the looming terror, while Peter learns of Inge's pregnancy and is determined to find Laust. Starring Jens Saetter-Lassen, Jakob Oftebro and Marie Tourell Soderberg. In Danish.

Cast & Crew

Peter Jens Saetter-Lassen
Laust Jakob Oftebro
Inge Marie Tourell Soderberg
Didrich Pilou Asbaek
Johan Soren Malling
Monrad Nicolas Bro
Severin Bent Mejding
Claudia Sarah-Sofie Boussnina
Director Ole Bornedal
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