Britain Beneath Your Feet

Building Britain

Series 1 - Episode 1 Building Britain



“I’m going to show you Britain as you’ve never seen it before,” promises Dallas Campbell in the first of a two-parter. He may be right, but only if you’ve never watched a presenter descend to the River Fleet in its tunnel under London or gone down a coal mine.

I hadn’t seen anyone canoe down the River Frome, which runs under Bristol City Centre, but that’s because there’s not a lot to see, except for Campbell telling us, “It’s quite eerie to think you’re underneath a road.” Still, there’s informative stuff here about how it takes 10,000 years for rainfall in the Mendip hills to emerge in Bath – though we never quite learn why.


First in a two-part documentary in which Dallas Campbell takes a unique look at Britain, exploring the hidden wonders beneath people's feet. Along the way he finds out how the Shard of London stays standing on soft clay and reveals how Edinburgh was set upon an ancient volcano. The presenter also abseils down an underground waterfall higher than Niagara, canoes along a secret river under the city of Bristol and discovers a vast root system beneath one of the nation's oldest oak trees.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dallas Campbell
Executive Producer Nigel Paterson
Executive Producer Jacqueline Smith
Series Producer Andrew Thompson