Crisis in the Curry Kitchen

Crisis in the Curry Kitchen


Although the British palate has become more attuned to curry than fish and chips, we could be witnessing the beginning of the end for the high street Indian restaurant. Proprietors can’t afford to bring skilled chefs from the Indian subcontinent and the UK’s curry colleges, introduced in 2011, are not attracting enough lecturers or students.

Presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli foresees a time in the not too distant future when only a handful of haute cuisine curry houses will survive. He seems resigned to this example of “Darwinian economics”. But is this what our nation of curry lovers really wants? It’s a programme that will leave you asking the rhetorical question, “Who knew?”


Hardeep Singh Kohli investigates how a critical shortage of chefs is threatening the future of the British curry industry. He talks to tutors, pupils, the Asian Restaurant Skills Board, chefs and restaurant owners in Birmingham - the home of the Balti curry - to find out why interest in courses dedicated to the culinary genre is low and why recruitment is proving so difficult.