Series 1 - Episode 1



Cordon is a Belgian thriller (with Flemish dialogue, but don’t fear, there are subtitles) that cheaply treads the Hollywood path of the likes of Outbreak and Contagion as a deadly virus infects a busy city. In this case, Antwerp.

It’s hardly surprising, considering the slapdash way it’s dealt with, particularly as the disease takes hold actually in a hospital for infectious diseases, so you’d think someone there might have a clue, or there might be protocols in place. Like everybody having to wear masks, for instance.

Instead we get a load of dopey stereotypes – an angry, committed cop; his clever girlfriend who’s stuck inside the cordon sanitaire; a daft pregnant teenager; a bullied boy alone in his school and a teacher with her charges, looking panicky and sweaty as people cough in the corridors, then die.


Doctors at Antwerp's National Institute for Contagious Diseases discover a patient infected with a contagious and deadly disease, and the authorities take no chances and seal off the centre of the city for 48 hours to prevent further spreading of the virus. Lab assistant Jana, police officer Jokke, pregnant Ineke, teacher Katja and her class and the ambitious Dr Cannaerts are among those who find their lives turned upside down by the quarantine. Belgian thriller, starring Wouter Hendrickx and Liesa Van der Aa. In Flemish.

Cast & Crew

Jokke Deelen Wouter Hendrickx
Jana Liesa Van der Aa
Lex Faes Tom Dewispelaere
Katja Veerle Baetens
Sabine Lommers Mieke De Groote
Dr Cannaerts Johan van Assche
Leo Gryspeerts Koen De Sutter
Ineke Zoe Thielemans
Tyl Ricko Otto
Bert Hugo Van Den Berghe
Director Tim Mielants
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