Blood and Water

Series 3 - Episode 2 Blood and Water



Vic hatches a plan to bring down the Byz Lats, but it backfires, leaving gang leader Garza in possession of the arms shipment and money from the train robbery. Vic resorts to desperate measures, urging the crime boss's right-hand man Diagur to overthrow his leader so the strike team can recover their ill-gotten gains. Dutch and Claudette investigate a double murder, but struggle to get the only witness to testify, and Julien is accused of police brutality after a particularly difficult arrest.

Cast & Crew

Vic Mackey Michael Chiklis
Danni Sofer Catherine Dent
Shane Vendrell Walton Goggins
Julien Lowe Michael Jace
Curtis Lemansky Kenneth Johnson
Dutch Wagenbach Jay Karnes
David Aceveda Benito Martinez
Claudette Wyms CCH Pounder
Kern Little Sticky Fingaz
Mara Sewell Michele Hicks
Tavon Garris Brian White
Chief of Police Tom Bankston Ron Canada
Corrine Mackey Cathy Cahlin Ryan
Ronnie Gardocki David Rees Snell
Tommy Hisk Matt Gerald
Diagur Frankie Rodriguez
Director Clark Johnson
Writer Charles H Eglee
Writer Kim Clements
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