All In

Series 3 - Episode 14 All In



First in the two-part season finale. The strike team desperately hunt for the Armenian hitman, knowing he is also out for their blood. Vic's suspicions are aroused about the team's involvement with the money train robbery, and Claudette finds herself with a moral dilemma. Michael Chiklis stars, with Benito Martinez and CCH Pounder.

Cast & Crew

Vic Mackey Michael Chiklis
Danni Sofer Catherine Dent
Shane Vendrell Walton Goggins
Julien Lowe Michael Jace
Curtis Lemansky Kenneth Johnson
Dutch Wagenbach Jay Karnes
David Aceveda Benito Martinez
Claudette Wyms CCH Pounder
Corrine Mackey Cathy Cahlin Ryan
Ronnie Gardocki David Rees Snell
Tavon Garris Brian White
Crosby Nell Andrew Borba
Mara Sewell Michele Hicks
Director Stephen Kay
Writer Scott Rosenbaum
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