Gordon & Gaye / Sir Patrick

Series 3 - Episode 2 Gordon & Gaye / Sir Patrick



Gordon and Gaye, along with their two grown children, have been given 72 hours to vacate their house. City Code Enforcement has served them with a condemnation notice if they don't clean up a lifetime of hoarding. Animal Control has removed seven cats with no possibility of regaining any of them without cleaner living conditions. Now they are forced to clean up or risk permanently losing both their home and their pets. Sir Patrick is living in a treasure trove of a hoard that he fondly refers to as Camelot. Every inch of his home is filled with his treasures--goblets, dolls, oriental inlay screens, fountains and artwork that have put him in debt to the point where his church is now paying his electric bills. Sir Patrick hopes to stave off bankruptcy by auctioning off his prized possessions--but are they truly worth what he thinks?