Inspector George Gently

Son of a Gun

Series 7 - Episode 4 Son of a Gun



Our final brush with a solid popular drama that serves a little bit of social history on the side comes as Gently faces a new menace – skinheads.

In an unseasonal episode, it’s Christmas Eve and at Durham nick George reads a message from the Queen as everyone looks forward to 1970.

But the celebrations are interrupted by news of a bank raid carried out by masked thugs brandishing machine guns. Gently, a man who’s seen everything, can only shake his head at this potentially deadly new turn in crime on his patch. “Someone could have died here today,” he says in his grizzled Gently way.

He and Bacchus are soon getting handy with some boot boys in a grotty club, goaded by a cocky ringleader (Shameless’s Jody Latham). He’s a nasty piece of work and Gently knows just how to deal with him – by using his hardest stare.


It's Christmas Eve 1969 and Gently is enjoying a spot of festive cheer until he gets the news that a bank has been hit by armed robbers and he and Bacchus have work to do. The detective's hunt for the gunmen takes him into the world of skinheads and he is later faced with a dilemma. Does the law always have to be so cruel, or can he bend it just this once? Detective drama set in the north-east of England, starring Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby, with a guest appearance by Jody Latham (Shameless).

Cast & Crew

George Gently Martin Shaw
John Bacchus Lee Ingleby
Rachel Coles Lisa McGrillis
Jonjo Burdon Jody Latham
Edith Macdonald Elizabeth Carling
Taylor Simon Hubbard
Kit Macdonald Patrick McNamee
Gemma Annabel Scholey
Lexie Emma Lundy
Ellison Lucian Msamati
Stewart Murdoch Will Graham
Doorman Danny Cunningham
Uniformed policeman Tom Hutch
Gamekeeper Paul Hamilton
Waitress Rosie Wyatt
Director Tim Whitby
Producer Peter Norris
Writer Jim Keeble
Writer Dudi Appleton
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