I Am Evel Knievel

I Am Evel Knievel


It’s been 40 years since health and safety fan Evel Knievel jumped a series of buses at Wembley Stadium on his motorbike in front of an excitable crowd of 90,000 and millions watching at home. Friends and family discuss the infamous event and countless other stunts performed by the American daredevil in this one-off documentary, which also explores the personal life of the adrenaline junkie who spent most of his time in a white jumpsuit or healing his broken bones.

“He was doing stunts nobody had done before. He came with the package and he wanted the bright lights,” says friend Matthew McConaughey, just one of many famous faces to offer insight into the mind of Knievel, while the raw footage from his failed jumps remains equally fascinating and horrifying.


A profile of the daredevil, detailing his rise to fame from his origins in Butte, Montana, to his death-defying leaps over Snake River Canyon and Caesars Palace.