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The Night Bus

Series 1 - Episode 1



The latest frontier for remote-control cameras is the N29 night bus across London. Rigged with cameras and microphones, it becomes a double-decker goldfish bowl for studying the love lives of Londoners, with the advantage that many of the passengers are young and have their tongues loosened by drink.

In that respect it may remind you of Channel 4’s previous series, Chicken Shop, but so far Night Bus hasn’t got the same sense of fun – just lairy lads hitting on women and clubbers discussing sex. Georgia and Sarah go “wingwomaning” with gay friend Rich and blonde Shelby meets a handsome, well-oiled stranger.


Fly-on-the-wall documentary making use of remote-controlled cameras fitted to an ordinary London bus to explore the unique role this form of public transport plays in the hectic night lives of the capital's residents. The first episode reveals how the city's status as a 24-hour party hotspot means that the night bus has become a popular place to find romance. Daniel, who is heading out for a night on the town to celebrate his 18th birthday, explains why he actually only has one thing on his mind, and the lonely trip home in the early hours could provide one reveller with a final chance to meet the man of her dreams.

Cast & Crew

Director Vanessa Van-Yeboah
Executive Producer David Hodgkinson
Producer Vanessa Van-Yeboah
Series Producer Jackie Waldock
Documentary Arts