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Series 1 - Episode 1 Russell Howard's Stand Up Central



If you like Russell Howard but are a little tired of his Good News shtick then it’s good news (if you’ll excuse the repetition) for you, as this new series sees him return to more traditional stand-up which is where he really shines. Highlights from his set include an unexpected greeting from an old lady and an oddly intense masseuse – not to mention pointing out the fundamental lack of logic in being a racist football supporter.

There are a couple of tweaks to the stand-up format, though, which include Howard answering questions from the audience that range from tame to extremely odd and ultimately result in one toe-curlingly funny moment when the Bristolian comedian inadvertently insults an audience member to almost instant regret.

Here he’s joined by Nish Kumar and Sara Pascoe – the latter of whom gets great comedic mileage out of a recent appearance on QI. We’ll never look at Stephen Fry’s face in quite the same way again…


The comedian presents an evening of comedy, recorded in front of a studio audience. He begins by sharing his thoughts on running a half-marathon, male massages and bullying, and answers questions about time travel, feminism, and Transformers. Includes guests appearances by Nish Kumar and Sara Pascoe.