Counting Coup

Series 3 - Episode 9 Counting Coup



Walt and Vic's fear about Branch's fragile mental state lead them to conduct some heavy-handed questioning of Travis, believing that he helped the deputy kidnap and torture someone who knew the whereabouts of David Ridges. Henry offers Malachi the bar in return for information about the death of Walt's wife, while the sheriff is given the task of serving Vic her divorce papers.

Cast & Crew

Walt Longmire Robert Taylor
Victoria `Vic' Moretti Katee Sackhoff
Henry Standing Bear Lou Diamond Phillips
Branch Connally Bailey Chase
Cady Longmire Cassidy Freeman
The Ferg Adam Bartley
Ruby Louanne Stephens
Travis Murphy Derek Phillips
David Ridges David Midthunder
Malachi Strand Graham Greene
Barlow Connally Gerald McRaney
Director TJ Scott
Executive Producer Michael M Robin
Executive Producer Christopher Chulack
Executive Producer Hunt Baldwin
Executive Producer John Coveny
Executive Producer Greer Shephard
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