Thunderbirds Are Go


Series 1 - Episode 8 EOS



A rogue AI seizes control of Thunderbird Five, trapping John on board. He tries to alert his brothers of the danger, but the program sends false images back to Tracy Island, leaving them oblivious to his plight.

Cast & Crew

John Tracy Thomas Brodie-Sangster
EOS Teresa Gallagher
Scott Tracy/Alan Tracy Rasmus Hardiker
Virgil Tracy/Gordon Tracy David Menkin
Brains Kayvan Novak
Grandma Tracy Sandra Dickinson
Kayo Angel Coulby
Lady Penelope Rosamund Pike
Parker David Graham
Director Theo Baynton
Executive Producer Estelle Hughes
Executive Producer Richard Taylor
Executive Producer Andrew Smith
Producer Sharon Lark
Producer Stuart McAra
Series Director David Scott
Writer Ken Pontac
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