Benefits Street

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Benefits Street

Series 2 - Episode 2



“They’re nothing but human parasites,” grumbles Kingston Street’s least popular resident, John. Now retired, with a medical history of stroke and depression, John has a habit of provoking the local kids into slanging matches. “All of them should have been drowned when they were born,” he mutters, and says worse to his neighbour Julie, referring to her disabled son and provoking a rare firestorm.

Although the residents keep telling us that on the Tilery Estate in Stockton-on Tees everyone looks out for everyone else, John is a reminder that there are tensions, too. Beneath the upbeat Shameless-meets-Viz exterior, there’s vulnerability, not least for mothers whose children come off the rails. In Chrissie’s case, son Paul is still recovering from the heroin addiction that wrecked his 20s – and her jewellery collection.


Mother-of-six Julie has her hands full with brain-damaged son Reagan, 15, as well as her badly-behaved 12-year-old, who is just two days into term at his new school. Meanwhile, Maxwell's girlfriend punches him and kicks in his front door after he refuses to watch TV with her, and the street's youngsters clash with an elderly resident who has lived on the road for more than 40 years and has low opinions of the area.

Cast & Crew

Director Coco Maclehose
Director Phil Turner
Director Paddy Collins
Executive Producer Trish Powell
Executive Producer Kieran Smith
Producer Coco Maclehose
Producer Phil Turner
Producer Paddy Collins
Series Producer Nick Head
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