Slow Train Through Africa with Griff Rhys Jones

Kenya & Tanzania

Series 1 - Episode 2 Kenya & Tanzania



Even the usually chipper Griff Rhys Jones gets mildly exasperated at the failings of the old colonial East African Railway system system in this leisurely doc from 2015. “It’s lost a little of its romance and glamour,” he sighs as he finally boards a dilapidated train out of Nairobi four hours late. Only for it to grind to a halt just minutes later. It’s a stop-start journey through Kenya and Tanzania: trains are cancelled because the staff haven’t been paid or simply because – shrug of the shoulders - there aren’t any more trains. But there’s a joyous moment of light relief at a shooting lodge just outside Nairobi when a giraffe joins him for breakfast.


The comedian attempts to zigzag his way 1,200 miles through Kenya and Tanzania, beginning this leg of his journey on a vintage steam locomotive designed in Glasgow. On a cattle farm established by an aristocrat a century ago, he dons a pair of overalls and joins workers as they bathe more than 2,000 animals to ward off parasites and biting flies. Later, in the vast Tsavo East National Park, he bottle-feeds orphaned elephant calves, before visiting a Maasai village - where he quickly regrets a faux pas during a meat feast.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Griff Rhys Jones
Executive Producer Ross Harper
Series Producer Graeme Hart