Secret Britain

Hidden Highlands of Scotland


Adam Henson is trudging up the daunting north-east face of Ben Nevis, groping his way through the intimidating mist that wreathes the desolate mountainside, when he comes upon an almost surreal sight: 400 runners clad in shorts and numbered vests sprinting past him. They’re taking part in the annual Ben Nevis Hill Race.

While he’s got his head in the clouds, Ellie Harrison is peering into the depths of some of Scotland’s 30,000 lochs including, of course, the massive Loch Ness. There’s no sign of the legendary monster, although she hears plenty of tales about it. While Nevis and Ness are familiar to all of us, the massive three-dimensional map of Scotland that for years was tucked away in the overgrown grounds of a Peebles hotel really is a hidden gem.


Ellie Harrison and Adam Henson explore the secrets of the Scottish Highlands. Adam climbs the north face of Ben Nevis, a spectacular rock ascent on which few tourists venture, and lives out his boyhood dream on a Wild West-style cattle ranch. Ellie probes a monster mystery in Britain's deepest water Loch Morar, visits an ancient shrine to healing on the Black Isle, and teams up with Adam to go hunting for Bonnie Prince Charlie's cave hideaway, before they take a magical ride on the real Hogwarts Express. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ellie Harrison
Presenter Adam Henson
Director David Johnson
Producer David Johnson
Series Producer Steve Evanson