Muddy Waters

Series 5 - Episode 3 Muddy Waters

Saturday 8pm - 10pm ITV Encore
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Thu 30 Nov, 8pm - 10pm ITV Encore


A dead body is found, blocking a slurry tank at a remote farm. Det Chief Insp Vera Stanhope yomps to the crime scene in her wellies before she stumbles upon long-running disputes where the fault lines run deep.

There’s a traveller camp nearby and its inhabitants are mistrustful of authority and loathe to open up, even to cheery Vera (Brenda Blethyn), about their secrets. But you can be sure she will find them out, one way or another.

As her trusted little team digs into the background of the dead man, Vera lifts the lid on lonely lives and a history of enmity that ends in murder. As always, the past is never far away and as always it’s good to spend a Sunday evening wandering around the upper reaches of beautiful Northumberland.


When a body is dredged up from a slurry pit on a remote farm, the investigation forces owner Danny Pryor to admit he has a number of illegal Serbian workers on the payroll. A faded tattoo identifies the victim as Jack Reeves, a young man from the local travelling community, but what is his connection to the immigrants? As the case unfolds, Vera and her team must connect the dots between Jack and a wounded Serbian, and expose the tragic truth at the heart of Pryor Farm. With Mark Bonnar, Mark Womack and Jim Sturgeon.

Cast & Crew

DCI Vera Stanhope Brenda Blethyn
DS Aiden Healy Kenny Doughty
DC Kenny Lockhart Jon Morrison
DC Bethany Whelan Cush Jumbo
Dr Marcus Summer Kingsley Ben-Adir
Danny Pryor Mark Bonnar
Billy Reeves Mark Womack
Frank O'Brien Lee Ross
Milosh Beqiri Velibor Topic
Karen Pryor Alex Reid
Deirdre Reeves Jennifer Hennessy
Sigourney O'Brien Aisling Franciosi
Fr Paul Enoch Frost
Helen Lisa Hammond
Goran Vlasic Greg Kolpakchi
Zamir Ilic George Lasha
Dr Julian Moore John Harding
Ben Marsh Danny Horn
Amrita Johnson Indira Joshi
Rene O'Brien Mairead McKinley
Toby Pryor Joe Fitzpatrick
Raymond Bourne Michael Imerson
Diane Sarah Naughton
Lisa Cat Simmons
Robert Pryor Jim Sturgeon
Director Stewart Svaasand
Executive Producer Kate Bartlett
Executive Producer Myar Craig-Brown
Producer Margaret Mitchell
Writer Glen Laker
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