Episode 15

Episode 15



The OOglies slip, slide and splat all over the place. This fast-paced, madcap stop-motion animation uncovers the mischief everyday household objects get up to when no-one is looking. The fishing finger goes diving in the kitchen sink but comes face to face with danger, the DIY doughnuts are causing chaos and the rival chess pieces go on the rampage. The Wright brothers, broccoli and cauliflower take to the skies with electrifying results, and Dr Rhu-barb puts on a magical performance for the judges in the talent show.

Cast & Crew

Actor John Campbell
Actor Tim Dann
Actor Peter Dickson
Actor Shelley Longsworth
Actor Gavin Mitchell
Actor Vivien Taylor
Producer Bob Last
Producer Cameron Fraser
Executive Producer Louise Brown
Scriptwriter L Akhurst
Scriptwriter Laura Anne Anderson
Scriptwriter W Anderson
Scriptwriter S Bevan
Scriptwriter A Crockatt
Scriptwriter A Gallow
Scriptwriter A Henderson
Scriptwriter P Hynes
Scriptwriter M Lee
Scriptwriter A Miller
Scriptwriter S Phillips
Scriptwriter A Port
Scriptwriter S Punt
Scriptwriter H Read
Scriptwriter A Rutherford
Scriptwriter G Sawyer
Scriptwriter D Scott
Scriptwriter BC Titley
Scriptwriter I Wright
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