Episode 11

Episode 11



The OOglies slip, slide and splat all over the place. This fast-paced, madcap stop-motion animation uncovers the mischief everyday household objects get up to when no-one is looking. The thrill-seeking eggs go bungee jumping, the baby blocks get sucked into trouble and the apple dropouts hatch a plan to break free. Also, Dr Rhu-barb is under attack from a terrifyingly grating enemy, and the ninja sushi perform a graceful ballet in the talent show.

Cast & Crew

Actor John Campbell
Actor Tim Dann
Actor Peter Dickson
Actor Shelley Longsworth
Actor Gavin Mitchell
Actor Vivien Taylor
Producer Bob Last
Producer Cameron Fraser
Executive Producer Louise Brown
Scriptwriter L Akhurst
Scriptwriter Laura Anne Anderson
Scriptwriter W Anderson
Scriptwriter S Bevan
Scriptwriter A Crockatt
Scriptwriter A Gallow
Scriptwriter A Henderson
Scriptwriter P Hynes
Scriptwriter M Lee
Scriptwriter A Miller
Scriptwriter S Phillips
Scriptwriter A Port
Scriptwriter S Punt
Scriptwriter H Read
Scriptwriter A Rutherford
Scriptwriter G Sawyer
Scriptwriter D Scott
Scriptwriter BC Titley
Scriptwriter I Wright
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