Big Giant Swords

Beast from Below

Series 1 - Episode 1 Beast from Below



"I used to build bridges and buildings, but I found it terribly boring," says Mike, an Irishman living in Martha’s Vineyard, USA. He looks a bit like Roy Wood from Wizzard, but it's swords rather than sorcery he's interested in. In fact, he makes a living forging swords that are... both big and giant. You know, the sort wielded by barbarians with 28-inch biceps in fantasy art and role-playing video games.

His first commission is an ornamental whale-shaped weapon for a fisherman. But being handed a blank canvas hauls "Irish Mike" into uncharted waters. This is a shot of Discovery's tried-and-tested "workshop" formula, served with a steampunk twist.


Documentary series following sword-maker Mike Craughwell. In the first edition, he fashions a blade shaped like a whale - but the weapon test goes horribly wrong.