Mysterious Moors of Yorkshire

Series 2 - Episode 2 Mysterious Moors of Yorkshire



With the exception of Land of Green Ginger in Hull, Arguments Yard in Whitby has to be the world’s best place name. It’s one of the “secrets” unearthed by Countryfile’s Ellie Harrison as she peeps into the North Yorkshire coastal town’s fascinating network of back alleys and passageways.

The so-called Whitby Yards are immaculate little byways full of hanging baskets and assiduously tended gardens – an integral part of the rows of cottages, built deep into the cliffs, whose residents give Harrison a warm welcome.

With Adam Henson she explores “God’s own country”, once again stretching the definition of “secret” as they pop into tourist hot spots. But who cares when the scenery is so lovely – as at Rievaulx Abbey, a ruined monastery in a serene valley, a place of perfect peace. And at Britain’s highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn, Harrison reveals a secret of her own – she sings beautifully.


Ellie Harrison and Adam Henson explore the moors of North Yorkshire. Adam meets a farmer whose father uncovered a Roman villa while ploughing, attempts to make a clay pot using 2,000-year-old technology and discovers the remains of a forgotten glass-making industry. Ellie finds out why Britain's highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn, was built miles away from the nearest customers, investigates the Whitby Yards - former slums that have become highly sought as havens of peace - and visits the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ellie Harrison
Presenter Adam Henson
Director Andrea Buffery
Producer Andrea Buffery
Series Producer Steve Evanson