Standards and Practices

Series 1 - Episode 13 Standards and Practices



A complaint is filed against Brenda, which threatens her career in the squad, but when Captain Pope offers to help, she is dubious about his intentions. Meanwhile, the detectives are kept busy trying to trace the killer of a Hollywood producer. Kyra Sedgwick stars.

Cast & Crew

Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson Kyra Sedgwick
Assistant Police Chief Will Pope JK Simmons
Sgt David Gabriel Corey Reynolds
Cdr Taylor Robert Gossett
Lt Louie Provenza GW Bailey
Lt Andy Flynn Tony Denison
Agent Fritz Howard Jon Tenney
Det Julio Sanchez Raymond Cruz
Lt Mike Tao Michael Paul Chan
Det Irene Daniels Gina Ravera
Alonzo Lopez Tony Plana
Dennis Burke Jamie Elman
Director Michael M Robin
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