Foraging About

Series 1 - Episode 7 Foraging About



Noah and Cat discover a high-tech elevator that takes them deep under the castle, while AJ explains to Mackenzie that they are not dating.

Cast & Crew

Stephanie Morelle Amy Robbins
Duncan Morelle Paul Warriner
Luke Morelle Carlos Esparza
Noah Morelle Marco Esparza
Cat Sharpe Jade Johnson
Lena Winters Kazia Pelka
Lexy Winters Sophia Carr-Gomm
Marcus Roberts Adam Astill
Gaia Roberts Pearl Appleby
AJ Javadi Vahid Gold
Adam Javadi Sr Adonis Anthony
Slim Sam Glen
Gregor Lorn Macdonald
Mackenzie Erin Armstrong
Skink Cullen Corinne Shane
Moira Jenni Keenan Green
WEFM Radio DJ Jonathan Miles
Director Ian Bevitt
Producer Kim Crowther
Writer Diane Whitely
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