Series 1 - Episode 1



Paul Whitehouse, David Cummings and Esther Coles’s accomplished Radio 4 comedy, which engaged intelligently with mental health issues, has here been sensitively rescaled for the small screen.

Coles plays a community nurse meeting an array of characters (some new and mainly played by Whitehouse). They include Billy the agoraphobic ex-con, Herbert the ageing rake and – probably most memorably – the morbidly obese Graham who is engaged in a terrible, co-dependent relationship with his obsessive mother and her revoltingly unhealthy cooking.

There are nose-snortingly outrageous laughs aplenty as we'd expect from any Whitehouse stable. But, thanks to the judiciousness and ebullience of the writing and the tenderness and skill of the performances, they never detract from the narrative's essential humanity and warmth.


Comedy following community psychiatric nurse Liz (Esther Coles) on her rounds as she visits her patients in their homes. In the first episode, she calls on Lorrie and her nosey neighbour Maurice, overweight Graham and his mother, elderly playboy Herbert, and agoraphobic Billy and his ex-con friend. Comedy adapted by David Cummings and Paul Whitehouse from their Radio 4 series of the same name and starring Whitehouse in multiple roles, with Simon Day and Rosie Cavaliero.

Cast & Crew

Various characters Paul Whitehouse
Nurse Liz Esther Coles
Lorrie Cecilia Noble
Cat lady/Janet Rosie Cavaliero
Tony Beckton Simon Day
Phyllis Vilma Hollingbery
Dave Ben Bailey Smith
Terry Colin Hoult
Director Ian Fitzgibbon
Executive Producer Gareth Edwards
Producer Paul Whitehouse
Producer Tilusha Ghelani
Writer Paul Whitehouse
Writer David Cummings
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