Climate Change by Numbers

Climate Change by Numbers


Our world is getting warmer. Few doubt this; but what does cause argument is the extent to which human activity is involved or, indeed, responsible. Sadly, the Earth itself is a bit too big to experiment on (although you can get useful data from natural events such as major volcanic eruptions), so it’s down to scientists and mathematicians to crunch vast amounts of data and come up with computer models to explain the present and try to predict the future effects of temperature change.

In this dense but informative film, academics Hannah Fry, Norman Fenton and David Spiegelhalter explain complex ideas such as attribution study and extreme value theory in a way that makes sense to non-numbers experts. But will all this maths save our planet? That’s down to the rest of us.


The debate surrounding climate change, as the public appears to be less sure it understands exactly what is going on, despite there being more information on the issue than ever. Mathematicians Dr Hannah Fry, Professor Norman Fenton and Professor David Spiegelhalter discuss the three key numbers that clarify the important questions around climate change, as scientists use them to help explain what is happening to the Earth.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Hannah Fry
Presenter Norman Fenton
Presenter David Spiegelhalter
Executive Producer Jonathan Renouf
Producer Alex Freeman