Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

Series 1 - Episode 1



You know what you’ll get with Bear Grylls. We’ve seen enough of his survivalist romps to have a fair idea how this new format – roughly I’m a Celebrity meets Survivor – will play out. He has previously taken stars far from their comfort zones singly in his Wild Weekend series: here he takes a whole gang.

They will be expected to apply his brand of glaring machismo to lighting fires, making shelters and generally plying skills Bear considers almost holy but which, barring disaster, you only ever need on TV. That’s hardly the point, of course. The point is watching actors and athletes put through the mangle, courtesy of a Costa Rican jungle. And that could be fun.


Eight celebrities embark on a 12-day expedition in the rainforest of Costa Rica, where they must learn to navigate difficult terrain, build shelters, make fire and eat the food that nature provides. From abseiling down ferocious waterfalls to crossing perilous rapids, the stars face a range of tough tasks and Bear himself eliminates one of them after each challenge, leaving three in the final. Kelly Holmes, Mike Tindall, Emilia and Laurence Fox, Max George, Jamelia, Vogue Williams and Tom Rosenthal make up the team.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Bear Grylls
Contestant Kelly Holmes
Contestant Mike Tindall
Contestant Emilia Fox
Contestant Laurence Fox
Contestant Max George
Contestant Jamelia
Contestant Vogue Williams
Contestant Tom Rosenthal
Director Robin Trump
Executive Producer Dale Templar
Executive Producer Delbert Shoopman
Producer Robin Trump
Series Producer Craig Blackhurst
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