Revenge of the Rogues

Series 1 - Episode 10 Revenge of the Rogues

Friday 5pm - 6pm Sky 1 HD
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Friday, 5pm - 6pm Sky 1
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The superhero adventure returns after its mid-season break. Chilly super-villain Captain Cold is back in Central City - and he has company in the shape of Heat Wave. Together, this evil pairing have set their sights on stealing a multimillion dollar painting - can the super-fast hero possibly win against the forces of fire and ice? He has his reservations, especially after what happened during his last face-off with his old friend - but when a loved one is kidnapped, he quickly races to the rescue. Grant Gustin stars, with guest appearances by former Prison Break actors Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell.

Cast & Crew

Barry Allen/The Flash Grant Gustin
Iris West Candice Patton
Caitlin Snow Danielle Panabaker
Eddie Thawne Rick Cosnett
Cisco Ramon Carlos Valdes
Harrison Wells Tom Cavanagh
Det Joe West Jesse L Martin
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