A Cook Abroad: Tony Singh's India

A Cook Abroad: Tony Singh's India

Series 1



Chef Tony Singh, an Indian Sikh born in Leith, cooks locally sourced Scottish dishes. His only experience of traditional Punjabi food is his mum’s cooking – and she’s Glaswegian born and bred.

On his culinary trip to India he starts off in Amritsar and pretty well eats his way to Delhi. His waistline gently expands as he tucks into simple roadside delicacies such as fried fish, momos and tandoori chicken, as well as a royal banquet with rich marinated lamb and sweet chicken and apricots. But there’s a touch of Who Do You Think You Are? emotion about this, too, when he gets in touch with his family roots.


Edinburgh chef Tony Singh travels to the state of Punjab to trace his family's roots and discover whether his mum's Punjabi cooking is authentic. He visits Amritsar during the festival of Diwali, receives an exclusive invitation to eat and cook with a maharajah and meets the Nihang, an order of nomadic Sikh warriors. Tony discovers how the Sikh religion and the Punjab's troubled past have created a food and culture like no other, and ends his epic adventure at his ancestral home in New Delhi with his 93-year-old uncle.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tony Singh
Executive Producer Gill Tierney
Series Producer Katy Fryer
Lifestyle Food