Heston's Recipe for Romance

Heston's Recipe for Romance


If you’re planning to have a romantic meal with your loved one next week, you may be wise to watch this first. Heston Blumenthal is making an unforgettable dinner for five couples, each at a very different stage of their relationship. Red roses, soft lights and oysters are much too obvious for him, of course. Instead he uses every kind of trick – culinary and psychological – to create a flirtatious atmosphere and spice up their love lives.

But even he wonders if he’s gone too far when he serves a Garden of Eden dish of two very hot chilli “apples”, theatrically decorated with a live snake. Some of the diners aren’t too enamoured, either. “It’s making my gums burn,” complains one.

By the time they get to the dessert course (with Heston’s favourite ingredient, popping candy), love is definitely in the air. You’re a smart cookie, Mr Blumenthal.


Every year, around 16 million couples in the UK celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic meal, but is there really a connection between food and love? In this one-off special, Heston Blumenthal joins forces with a team of scientists and psychologists to put together a menu they hope will affect how people feel about each other. Five couples at different stages of their relationships are invited to a dinner that includes chocolate in every course, plus a `Cupid's cocktail', featuring a scent designed to trigger a romantic memory.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Heston Blumenthal
Executive Producer Vicky Hamburger