Series 2 - Episode 5



Ever since BBC1 parked its Silent Witness tank on ITV’s lawn at 9pm on Monday nights, gun turret trained on Broadchurch, there’s been a bloody battle for viewers.

The forensic drama has had a slight edge, and Broadchurch has taken flak for its unrealistic courtroom scenes, which, admittedly, would in real life have been drowned out by cries of “Contempt of court! Retrial! Immediately!” But then, forensic scientists who go on police raids and interview suspects? Surely not?

But Broadchurch can’t be thrashed when it comes to the emotional stuff and for our sheer, visceral involvement with its characters – tormented, sickly cop Alec Hardy, his sidekick Ellie, bereaved parents Beth and Mark.

Now Ellie, whom life bashes once again (“They all think I knew”, she wails, “they’ll always think I was in on it”), takes control to focus on the botched Sandbrook investigation. “Don’t get pulled into this,” Alec demands. Bit late for that, isn’t it Alec?


As Hardy and Ellie continue their unofficial investigation into the Sandbrook case, new information forces them to re-evaluate the things they believe - is it possible that they've been wrong about everything so far? Barrister Sharon receives unexpected help, while local reporter Olly Stevens gets a major scoop. Mystery drama, starring David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Jonathan Bailey.

Cast & Crew

Alec Hardy David Tennant
Ellie Miller Olivia Colman
Mark Latimer Andrew Buchan
Beth Latimer Jodie Whittaker
Jocelyn Knight Charlotte Rampling
Sharon Bishop Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Rev Paul Coates Arthur Darvill
Claire Ripley Eve Myles
Lee Ashworth James D'Arcy
Judge Sonia Sharma Meera Syal
Maggie Radcliffe Carolyn Pickles
Olly Stevens Jonathan Bailey
Lucy Stevens Tanya Franks
Abby Thompson Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Ben Haywood William Andrews
Joe Miller Matthew Gravelle
Ricky Gillespie Shaun Dooley
Nige Carter Joe Sims
Tom Miller Adam Wilson
Becca Fisher Simone McAullay
Jonah Bishop Nakay Kpaka
Tiffany Evans Natasha Sparkes
Cate Gillespie Amanda Drew
Lisa Newbery Eliza Bennett
Pippa Gillespie Hollie Burgess
Director Jonathan Teplitzky
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Executive Producer Chris Chibnall
Producer Richard Stokes
Writer Chris Chibnall
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