Shipping Wars UK

Shipping Wars UK

Series 1 - Episode 1



The internet shopping boom has meant that more and more items need to be delivered to the purchasers so online delivery websites have sprung up to meet this demand, listing more than 50,000 items every day. Customers list their loads in web auctions and almost anyone with wheels can place a bid, win a load and take to the road.

In this series six transporters go head to head to win four loads and are awarded points based on profit and customer feedback. In this episode, Stu is transporting sports cars, which he reckons he can do with his eyes shut. Isn’t that a bit dangerous, Stu?


Six transporters compete to deliver goods, with the driver making the most profit and the best feedback crowned `Transporter of the Week.' In the first episode, Stu and Jemma move three sports cars from East Sussex to a charity event in London, while father-and-son duo Raymond and Grant get to grips with their load of 300,000 bees worth £1,350, which need to be relocated from Essex to King's Lynn.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Luke Campbell
Executive Producer Jonathan Nowzaradan
Executive Producer Graham Davidson