Room 101

Series 4 - Episode 5



Jonathan Ross wades in first with a complaint that many of the people at Radio Times share, the misuse of the word “literally”. His argument involves a news story about Britney Spears in which a reporter said, “She’s literally on a rollercoaster to hell”. As Ross says, if that were true he’d watch her all night.

Other issues are a bit more contentious: Frank Skinner has a surprising response to Michael Vaughan’s suggestion that footballer Luis Suárez is wrong to bite his opponents. And, I think for the first time, the icon used for two of comedian Sara Pascoe’s pet peeves is almost the same – one just wears a watch.


Chat-show host Jonathan Ross, former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan and comedienne Sara Pascoe tell Frank Skinner what really gets on their wick, in the hope he will banish their bugbears to the infamous room for ever. The celebrities' gripes include pick 'n' mix, misuse of the word `literally' and the Grim Reaper.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Guest Michael Vaughan
Guest Jonathan Ross
Guest Sara Pascoe
Executive Producer Stu Mather
Producer Aoife Bower
Series Producer Adam Copeland
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