The Erik Affair

Series 2 - Episode 1 The Erik Affair



Once again Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer and friends do their best to erase that troublesome line between a TV show where very funny people muck about and a sitcom. Either can be hugely enjoyable, but there are times when you wish House of Fools would put a bit more sit into its com.

You always get the sense that any given scene could have been more or less improvised, or maybe rustled up in rehearsals an hour before the recording. It’s all so good in its slightly shambolic state, you wish they’d taken the trouble to sharpen it up.

Even so, for Vic ‘n’ Bob enthusiasts there’s delirious pleasure here as Norwegian nerd Erik goes on a date and mad neighbour Julie opens a bistro.


The return of the comedy set in a chaotic household, written by and starring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. Bob feels that his 23-year-old son Erik has come of age and decides to arrange a surprise blind date for him at Julie's bistro with a woman Beef found on the internet. However, Erik has problems selecting an appropriate outfit, while Vic and Bob fall out over their band's debut gig, which is also due to take place at the restaurant that night. With Matt Berry, Daniel Simonsen and Ellie White.

Cast & Crew

Vic Vic Reeves
Bob Bob Mortimer
Julie Morgana Robinson
Beef Matt Berry
Bosh Dan Skinner
Erik Daniel Simonsen
Rachel Ellie White
Director Nick Wood
Executive Producer Richard Webb
Producer Lisa Clark
Writer Vic Reeves
Writer Bob Mortimer
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