Super Cute Animals

Super Cute Animals


Yup, it does what it says on the tin. If you want adorable footage of irresistible creatures, look no further. Whether it’s a sea-otter pup getting a massage or a young elephant slipping over in a puddle, there is more than enough here to bring out the ahhh in you.

But presenter Gordon Buchanan dresses the clips with a layer of science: he wants to explain why we warm to certain animals – particularly the furry, the big-headed, and anything with oversized eyes (pandas tick all three).

You may get weary of seeing the YouTube clips of the sneezing panda, the snoring hummingbird and the tickled loris, but you’ll learn something from this, too, including how may hairs per square inch of fur there are on the beautiful Californian sea otter. Answer: one million.


Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan embarks on a global journey to find some of the world's cutest animals, aiming to understand why people find them so endearing and revealing the surprising science behind each creature. He begins with the giant panda, whose unusually large head tells a story of millions of years of evolution and survival. Gordon also reveals how the fennec fox's ears are crucial to its survival, discovers the surprising secret behind a penguin's waddle and meets a five-year-old chimpanzee whose giggle reveals new information about man's evolution.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gordon Buchanan
Director Chloe Pearne
Producer Chloe Pearne
Series Producer Sam Hodgson