Inside the Bubble

Series 4 - Episode 3 Inside the Bubble



When Olivia invites Jake to dinner with her dad (who, you remember, imprisoned Jake for months in a hole in the ground), he isn’t exactly keen. Besides, he’s busy holding Charlie captive. Good ol’ fashioned torture isn’t going to work on Charlie, who will only confess if Jake gives him Quinn.

She and Huck are helping Olivia tackle an apparently straightforward case for an old friend. But a dead body and a sex tape (not in that order) complicate matters – she’ll need an almighty glass of red to solve this one.

And at the White House, Mellie’s mania takes a new form, Cyrus has another liaison with that shifty Matthew McConaughey lookalike, and David fails spectacularly to live up to his own moral standards. Again.


An old law school friend of Olivia turns to the fixer for help when her daughter goes missing, although loyalties are tested when it becomes evident there's more to the story than meets the eye. At the White House, an increasingly erratic Mellie becomes obsessed with a national news story about a bride who may have pushed her husband off a cliff, while David plays dirty as he faces a challenge for his role as attorney general.

Cast & Crew

Olivia Pope Kerry Washington
Jake Ballard Scott Foley
Abby Whelan Darby Stanchfield
Quinn Perkins Katie Lowes
Huck Guillermo Diaz
Cyrus Beene Jeff Perry
David Rosen Joshua Malina
Mellie Grant Bellamy Young
President Fitzgerald Grant Tony Goldwyn
Elizabeth North Portia de Rossi
Charlie George Newbern
Katherine Winslow Sonya Walger
Dale Kyle Secor
Michael Matthew Del Negro
Judge Henry Sparks Ron Perkins
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