The Secret Horse: Quest for the True Appaloosa

The Secret Horse: Quest for the True Appaloosa


Scott Engstrom is passionate about a rare breed of horse, the Appaloosa. So passionate that at the age of 69 she undertakes an arduous journey around Kyrgyzstan trying to find the pure-bred Appaloosa she once glimpsed on a TV documentary. If she finds it, she can prove her theory that Appaloosas originally came from Asia, not Spain as most believe.

The film is enjoyable as a quest and as a travelogue but Scott’s also a remarkable woman. Five times married (once for just one day), she’s opinionated, emotional, strong and very determined to find that elusive spotted horse.


Documentary following 69-year-old New Zealander Scott Engstrom as she sets off on a journey to discover the truth about the origins of the rare Appaloosa spotted horse. Back in the saddle for the first time in 12 years, she crosses one of the world's highest mountain ranges in search of a lost valley, where she hopes to find out whether the experts have been wrong all along and that the true source of the North American Appaloosa horse is not Europe, but Asia.

Cast & Crew

Director Conor Woodman
Producer Conor Woodman