Nature's Weirdest Events

Nature's Weirdest Events

Series 4 - Episode 1

Saturday 11am - 12pm BBC Two


A giant wasp fighting a tarantula… Killer whales surfing the wake of a speedboat… Stoats dancing manically... In the video vaults of the internet, there is no shortage of natural anomalies that people have filmed in a moment of amazement and then posted online. Which is the cue for Chris Packham to dig a little deeper and find rational explanations for the events – explanations often as strange as the events themselves.

The life cycle of the tarantula hawk wasp, which paralyses a spider alive, then lays eggs in it so her larvae can slowly eat it alive, is well into the nightmare end of nature, whereas the swimming Caribbean pigs are a blast. And as for the bobbit worm – a Whovian monster that lurks in aquariums – I really hope never to set eyes on one again.


Chris Packham investigates another selection of unusual natural events, with the help of eyewitness accounts and film clips, and input from scientists. The first edition features scores of pigs swimming in the Caribbean, a tiny tick that is turning Americans to vegetarianism and a giant worm that is invading fish tanks.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Chris Packham
Director Jody Bourton
Editor Ross McFall
Producer Jody Bourton